Bridges of Hope is our monthly service project in downtown Kansas City, Kansas. For almost 20 years, Basehor UMC has partnered with Central United Methodist Church to provide a hot home cooked meal to those who are homeless or food insecure. On the first Sunday of the month, a team of volunteers take the hot casseroles, vegetables, and fruit to Central UMC and serve lunch to the nearly 120 people who gather there. 

Volunteers are needed to serve the meal and clean up afterwards. This requires about a four hour commitment. The volunteer team leaves our church around 10:00 am on Sunday morning and finishes serving and cleaning up around 1:15pm. Families are encouraged to volunteer together. We ask that children under the age of 13 be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

Volunteers are also needed to prepare the casseroles that are served. Cooking pans, ingredients, and detailed instructions are available to be picked up outside the sanctuary on the last Sunday of the month. Bring the hot baked casseroles back to the church on the first Sunday before 10:00 am so they can be loaded up with the team before they leave. 

Currently we are serving To Go lunches to those in need.  This is a very safe, NO touch volunteer opportunity.  

If you would like to serve our community in this way you can find a sign up list online.  

For more information and frequently asked questions see below...

Frequently asked questions about Bridges of Hope

-When is Bridges of Hope?   

Volunteers travel to Central United Methodist Church on the First Sunday of every month.

-Where is Central United Methodist Church?

Central United Methodist Church is located at 933 Argentine Boulevard, Kansas City, KS

-What time do we leave Basehor United Methodist Church to go to Bridges of Hope?

Volunteers should arrive at 9:00 a.m. to help load up food and needed items. 

-Do I have to drive myself to Central United Methodist Church?

No.  A lot of our volunteers carpool since parking is limited.

-If I drive, where do I park at Central United Methodist Church?

Curbside parking is available in front of the church.  Since this is a residential neighborhood, parking is limited.

-What do I do once there?

Once you arrive at Central United Methodist Church, unloading the vehicles of food and needed items is the start.  Once there, you will begin the process of setting up for lunch in the church basement.  Doing things like opening and cooking the green beans, opening cans of fruit cocktail, making coffee and lemonade, setting out milk, bananas and desserts, wrapping silverware in napkins, setting out salt and pepper and food trays, preparing the food serving line, as well as other duties. A complete list of "to do's" is in the white notebook that is with the food and needed items.

-Can I attend church at Central United Methodist Church the day of Bridges of Hope?

Yes.  You are welcome to attend the 10:00 a.m. church service at Central United Methodist Church.

-Do I take communion while at Bridges of Hope?

Those helping serve communion at Central United Methodist Church will come and offer our volunteers communion.  You are more than welcome to take communion. 

-Do we eat lunch there?

If time and food supply allow, our volunteers will eat what we serve to those in need.  We encourage you to eat and visit with those we served that day.  You will find this is a very important part of our mission, to talk and interact with those in need.

-When are we finished?

You are finished at Central United Methodist Church by 1:00 p.m. and usually returned back to Basehor United Methodist Church by 1:30 p.m.

-Do I have to come back to Basehor United Methodist Church after I am finished?

No.  Unless you carpooled with another volunteer and you need to come back to Basehor United Methodist Church, you are free to go.

-What do I do if I need to cancel volunteering?

We understand things come up and sometimes you need to cancel.  If that happens, please contact the church office at 913-724-2077.  Leave us a message and we will get your message to the other volunteers that are going to Bridges of Hope that day.