Our Advent Series

Christ was born into a weary world. King Herod ruled the land with a legacy of ruthlessness. The Romans treated the people of Israel with contempt, imposing harsh taxes and land seizures that forced many into subsistence farming. Poverty and destitution were pervasive. And yet, Christ was born, bringing good news of great joy for all people.

As Advent comes again to a weary world, we ask, “How does a weary world rejoice?” From the opening chapters of Luke’s Gospel, we have found a few answers: we acknowledge our weariness, we find joy in connection, we allow ourselves to be amazed, we sing stories of hope, we make room, we root ourselves in ritual, and most importantly, we trust our belovedness. In the parallel birth stories of Jesus and John, joy arrives—despite trepidation, fear, or grief. In these stories, we find rhythms for rejoicing. As we move through our series, we hope to create space for acknowledging the weariness of our world while celebrating God’s closeness with great joy.

And so, this Advent, we will hold space for our weariness and our joy. We will seek a “thrill of hope” in our hurting world. We will welcome joy—even if, like the prophet Isaiah, we cry out for comfort (Isaiah 40:1). In this weary world, may we find many ways to rejoice.


November 26th

Advent begins. Sunday service times are 8:15am and 10:30am. A Livestream can be found on YouTube and Facebook

December 5th

Christmas Joy! - 5:45pm Dessert Bar - 6:45 Program

Our annual Christmas celebration to benefit local missions. Proceeds this year will benefit  Basehor-Linwood Assistance Service that provides a food pantry and support for local residents. 

December 17th

The Youth Group Progressive Christmas Party!

Our youth will travel from house to house enjoying appetizers, 

dinner, and deserts at some of the best cooks in the church! Youth are invited to contact Pam BeMent if you would like to come!


Christmas Eve

Candle Light Services: 10am - 4pm - 6pm

Join us as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. 

Sunday After Christmas (December 31st)

One service only at 10:30 am - Cookies and Carols

Join us for this fun family friendly service and finish off the last of the Christmas Cookies while we sing our favorite Christmas Carols one last time.


This devotional is designed to help you practice joy in a weary world. Each week offers art, reflections, poetry, and hymns. Beginning with the start of Advent and concluding with Baptism of the Lord Sunday, journey through these pages at your own pace. May each week offer you rhythms for rejoicing—through acknowledging your weariness, finding joy in connection, allowing yourself to be amazed, singing stories of hope, making room, returning to ritual, and remembering your belovedness.


Poetry prayer (by Rev. Sarah Are Speed)

Hymn (by Rev. Anna Strickland)

Biblical commentary on the weekly texts (by Rev. Cecelia D. Armstrong)

Art & reflection (on each of the weekly theme scriptures, by Rev. Lauren Wright Pittman, Rev. Lisle Gwynn Garrity, Hannah Garrity, and Rev. Nicolette Peñaranda)

Printed copies are available at the church. 

Digital copies are available by request.


This Advent, practice daily acts of joy by using our Advent calendars—made for both children and adults. Our children’s Advent calendar is designed for coloring.

Starting on December 1st, count down the days of Advent by coloring a shape within our Advent icon which features two figures holding the world

together with weariness and joy. 

Then, complete the daily action prompt together as a family. 

Our adult (and teen-friendly) calendar includes daily prompts for practicing joy in a weary world. Display it somewhere you will see it each day. 

Printed copies are available at the church.

Digital copies are available.


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